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It is virtually impossible to land an interview with your Β top residency choices without a stellar Step 1 performance. To do extremely well you need to master two things:

  • (1) understand and have extensive knowledge of the basic sciences and mechanisms of medicine;
  • and (2) have a polished understanding of clinical medicine.

Clearly, your scores are essential to check the boxes for each program and given specialty β€” but it takes more than that to get the best interviews. If you have a good idea of what field you want to pursue try to do some level of research that is related. Take advantage of your clinical experiences. Publishing posters and being involved really stands out. Most importantly, be a good medical student. The Letters of Recommendation are perhaps one of the most important factors you’ll have in reaching your goals for residency interviews β€” during your clerkships always be prompt, prepared, professional, kind, and courteous during your clerkships. Your LORs, if good, serve as the best insight residency programs will have as to understanding the type of person you’ll be to work with if selected β€” act appropriately.

To get the most out of your interviews simply be yourself. If you’re invited to an interview they already have seen your scores and heard your story β€” the interview is your chance to connect with those that are in the program to see if you’ll enjoy working with each other for the duration of your residency.

Building a well-stocked library is recommended for all medical students. Having the best resources on hand is essential to ensuring your success in the field of medicine β€” and the sheer amount of information is kind of fun to show off. πŸ€“

Because biochemistry is so foundational to every other aspect of medical education we highly recommend the Medical Biochemistry Poster by DNLT for all medical students once they begin their education.Β 

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